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Is your little one a confident swimmer who can swim independently without Mum or Dad in the water? Then this is the perfect class for your advanced toddler!

In our Turtle class we have a maximum of 3 children to ensure your child’s needs are focused on as much as possible. We strive for unassisted swimming through kicking and paddling. The children also begin to learn skills using kickboards and noodles to enhance their abilities and independence. As a result, these toddler swim lessons aim to have the children kicking and paddling independently with their eyes down by the time they move on to the next class.

What is a Turtle?

  • Advanced toddlers aged between 2-3 years

  • Small group class of 3
  • Comfortable swimming without Mum or Dad in the water

  • Strong breath control and independent mobility skills
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What happens in a Turtle toddler class?

  • Plenty of fun melodies to make learning to swim exciting for your little one
  • Our expert instructors will work with your child to get them kicking and paddling using noodles and kickboards
  • Turtle toddler lessons are all about developing unassisted mobility and buoyancy skills

Your toddler will learn how to jump and submerge independently as well as propel themselves through the water without assistance. By the time your child turns 3 years old, our aim is to graduate them to our Octopus class where they will begin learning how to swim basic freestyle. Throughout the Turtle class, we practice lots of independent swimming to extend your child’s confidence.

What do we focus on in the Turtle level?

Breath Control
  • I can accept water
  • I can hold my breath comfortably for 5 seconds
  • I can jump and submerge independently
  • I can blow bubbles
  • I can comfortably float on my back with little support
  • I am comfortable swimming without a parent in the water
  • I can propel myself through the water using my arms and kick independently
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