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Project Description


Develop your child’s confidence, breath control and basic movements in the water with our Tadpole toddler swimming lessons. Through activities and games, your toddler will become a super fish in no time!

Tadpole is our beginner class for toddlers where we focus on improving the children’s confidence and acceptance in the water. Your child will learn how to extend their breath control by blowing bubbles, and learn to submerge and expand on their mobility techniques through kicking and paddling. We aim to have the children independently kicking and paddling by the time they advance to our Independent Crab class.

What is a Tadpole?

  • Toddler swimming lessons for kids aged between 2-3 years

  • Swimming kids with independent mobility
  • Perfect bonding sessions between toddler and Mum or Dad!

  • Basic breath control and mobility

  • Group classes of 4 to 6 with their parents in each and every lesson

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What happens in a Tadpole toddler class?

  • Plenty of fun melodies to make learning to swim exciting for you and your little one
  • Tadpole toddler lessons are all about extending breath control, comfortably submerging, and learning to be independently mobile
  • Our expert instructors will work with you to get your little one kicking and reaching
  • Strengthening your toddler’s mobility and buoyancy skills so they can independently kick, paddle and float

Your toddler will learn how to independently swim between yourself and the teacher and be able to hold their breath for a minimum of 5 seconds. By the time your child turns 3 years old, our aim is to graduate them to our Crab class where they will be able to advance their swimming abilities without a parent in the water. Throughout the Tadpole class, we practice lots of independent swimming to extend your child’s confidence.

What do we focus on in the Tadpole level?

Breath Control
  • I can accept water
  • I can hold my breath for a minimum of 5 seconds
  • I can float and kick on my back with support
  • I am comfortable with water on my face
  • I can blow bubbles
  • I have basic arm movements which can propel me through the water
  • I am able to kick my legs on cue
  • I can independently swim to a teacher or parent
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