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Project Description


Can your child already do overarm freestyle? Then your child is eligible to join our Frog stroke development class at JUMP! Swim Schools in Singapore! Our children swimming lessons follow a world-class multi-tiered swim program developed for optimal progression.

In the Frog level your child will learn bilateral breathing, freestyle and backstroke skills. Once they are able to produce bilateral breathing and backstroke unassisted, they are able to move on to learn new strokes. In this class your child will really begin to swim independently and gain a lot of confidence.

What is a Frog?

  • Confident independent swimmers
  • Small group class of 4
  • Is able to perform basic freestyle arms and can backstroke kick

  • Can propel themselves through the water without assistance

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What happens in a Frog class?

  • Plenty of fun activities and games to make learning to swim exciting for your child
  • Frog swimming lessons are all about backstroke and freestyle skill development
  • Our expert instructors will work with your child to teach them independent bilateral breathing

Your child will learn how to produce unassisted freestyle with bilateral breathing and backstroke with a kickboard. By the time your child is ready to move up to the Stingray class, they will be ready to develop their backstroke skills and begin learning breaststroke.

  • I am a confident independent swimmer
  • I can keep my eyes down whilst blowing bubbles for a minimum of 5 seconds whilst moving through the water
  • I can streamline kick through the water independently
  • I am able to do bilateral breathing with my freestyle arms and with a kickboard
  • I can produce freestyle with my bilateral breathing without a kickboard
  • I am able to complete backstroke with a kickboard



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