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Welcome to JUMP!

Hello! We’re JUMP! Swim Schools in Singapore and we are delighted to have you visit our website.  Thanks to our 16,000+ little swimmers and their Mums and Dads who all love our swimming lessons, you may have heard of us already. If you haven’t — we’d love to share our story with you.

 JUMP! Swim Schools was founded with a simple goal: to create the perfect environment for children to learn to swim.

At JUMP! we proudly focus on having a great boutique learning facility with a maximum of only two classes at once, as well as a real community feel where we can discuss your child’s progress every class, know every child’s name and even notice when they get a haircut or a new pair of swimmers.

This is the way learn to swim should be — small, intimate and private so that every child feels safe and at home as we join them on their swimming journey.

We are actively building a culture of fun and excitement about learning to swim, to show that teaching your children to swim is not only a safety measure but a lifestyle choice. Your lifestyle is better with children who swim and have fun with you in the pool and beach.

In becoming a national franchise group we aim to increase participation levels and skill levels across the country by improving the learning ability of our children and improving their confidence. After such a long time teaching children in bigger facilities with many distractions, it is exciting to see what our children are now capable of!

But enough about us — we’d like to get to know you! Please feel free to contact us via phone or email to discuss your needs or to arrange a free introductory lesson. Hope to see you soon!

About JUMP!

Our mission is to give children a lifelong love for water that will help bring them happiness and health for life. And that’s why JUMP! Swim Schools has created the perfect environment for babies and young children to learn to swim.
Our Prepare, Instruct, Praise philosophy is the backbone of JUMP’s program and is the difference between children developing skills in the water and resisting. It’s woven into every class we teach.
At JUMP! we are obsessed with creating the perfect learning environment for your children. They deserve it. We will always: teach your child with love and care as if they were our own; keep our swim schools clean, tidy and hygienic; and only teach a maximum of 2 lessons at a time.
Ian Campbell
Ian CampbellJUMP! Swim Schools founder and CEO
As a father of three young boys, JUMP! founder and CEO Ian Campbell was very aware of the need for learn to swim to be a personal and private experience to ensure the best possible progression and make his children feel safe and secure.
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