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You’re only young once

Learn to swim from 3 months!

Learn To Swim at JUMP! Swim Schools Singapore

Swimming Babies Program

Our swimming babies program is for children from 3 months to 3 years old bonding with Mum or Dad in the water.

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Independent Swimmers Program

This is our first Teacher and Child level for beginners. It offers a swimming introduction and development program for children.

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Stroke Development Program

Our advanced Teacher and Child levels look at stroke correction and development, learning and perfecting the four strokes.

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Why learn to swim with JUMP!?

Small class sizes

Indoor pool heated to 32 degrees year-round

More one-on-one time with experienced AUSTSWIM teachers

Faster progression

My son is 3y+, he‘a taking tadpole class. From the boy who’s really scared of water, screaming everytimes when washing hair(how horrible!) after he took lesson here just 8 times only he’s totally change. He becomes confident boy,dare to jump in the water, can hold his breathe under water for a few second. I’m very impressed!

Staffs are very very friendly. Environment is good,clean and quiet. Swimming pool size is nice with warm water and clean. Lesson fees are reasonable compare to small group(4-6) per lesson . 

If you’re looking for private swimming class because you like quiet and private,just come here..Jump! Swim school…small quantity per class but high quality in service with professional instructors. Why you have to pay more?

Thumb up for Jump! swim school

My 6 year old loves this place & cant wait to come to class every week. She can now swim about 1m without any floaties after just 4 weeks.
Jump has re-cultivated her love & confidence in the water which was totally destroyed from a previous 4 months swim class experience, with the coach at our condo. Then, she went from excited to not even wanting to put her head underwater.

This place is love at 1st sight for my 3yrs old girl. She loves her Swimming class so much who refused to leave the pool at most times… Jump! Swimming school coaches are patience and have great interactions with kids. My girl is able to submerge under the water after 4 classes.

My 6 months old baby loves it. All the staffs are friendly and approachable. They allowed one parent to go into the pool with the little one while the other can sit next to the pool to watch (they also allow me to take pictures or videos of my Son from the side of the pool during the lesson to capture this precious moment -which some place doesnt allow). The coach was amazing. He was very patient and instructions given were very clear. The lesson was Super fun and very well paced (they did not rush us into and out of the pool) The facilities are all new and are well Organised. There are changing rooms for the little one and has a little showering area for them too (warm water to bath them after the class) (and shower area for the adults too).

My 11 mth old son has been attending swim classes since August and I can see that he really enjoys the lessons. Most importantly I think he has gained a life skill and water confidence. He recently got submerged underwater for a few seconds ( accidentally ) during our staycation at a hotel pool but he was completely unfazed by swallowing a few gulps of water! The training at jump definitely helped prepare him for that unexpected circumstance.

Thanks to the coaches and staff for their patience!

My son had a phobia of water at first due to unpleasant swimming experience when he was a baby. However, it didn’t take him long to jump into the pool because of the enthusiastic and encouraging instructors. He looks forward to swimming lessons every week and is very confident in the water now. It also helps that the instructors are fun yet firm at the same time.